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Olivia nodded. ”I can’t stand waiting any more. I can’t wait to let go.” I sighed and looked at her eyes, very green and bright. I had to memorize them now so that I could recognise them later. I thought I ought to say something to her, but I couldn’t think of what. ”I’ll give your letter to your parents. Be careful. I’ll miss you, Olive.” I slid open the glass door; air blasted us. She actually laughed as the wind ripped a shiver from her. She was a strange, light creature that I didn’t recognise. ”See you in the spring, Grace.” And she ran out into the yard, stripping sweaters as she did, and before she got to the tree line, she was a light, light wolf, joyful and leaping. There was none of the pain of Jack’s or Sam’s change - it was as if she had been meant for it. Something in my stomach twisted at the sight of her. Sadness, or envy, or happiness.



BRITT ROBERTSON as Grace Brisbane


The Wolves of Mercy Falls - Sam Roth

“I ached with the weight of my hope.”

― Sam, Forever (via president-cellphone)

making mistake after mistake

Jonas & Plunkett  Summer Girl


I fell for her in summer
From summer she is made
She is my lovely summer girl

I’d love to spend a winter
But I’m never warm enough
For my summer girl